Event Rules


Aside from a start/finish line drop-bag service, participants WILL NOT be able to have drop-bags taken to aid stations on course. Participants must make use of the event supplied course nutrition available at the aid stations (see "course nutrition" below) - anything particular you may want will need to be carried with you.

There will be a drop-bag area at the start line where participants may leave any (non-valuable) items they wish to have available at the finish line. This will be useful to participants staying at the start line who wish to have fresh clothes for the finish line, or participants who take the shuttle bus on race morning and wish to bring along a book/music/blanket/jumper etc for the long bus ride to the start line. Please clearly mark your bag with your NAME and RACE BIB NUMBER.


The Wild Earth Coastal High 50 is an UNCREWED event - participants are not to receive external support or assistance either at or between aid stations, unless from event staff or in a medical or emergency situation. The remote nature of the course means that there is not sufficient area on-course or at aid stations for crew.

There are no pacers in the Wild Earth Coastal High 50, and you must not have anyone  unregistered for the event run with you at any time. Running alongside an unregistered runner may see you withdrawn from the event.

It is permissible for friends, family and other supporters to attend CP2 in the Numinbah Valley to wait and watch participants run through - however runners are not to receive assistance from them at this time. A quick cuddle is OK!


The use of poles is fine for this event, but there are some basic guidelines that need to be followed:

  • As the event is non-crewed, if you wish to use poles you must both start and finish with them (you cannot collect or leave them with crew at an aid station).

  • You need to be extremely aware of other runners around you when using your poles, taking great care to ensure that you don’t put them at risk via rogue pole usage; this is particularly important on the singletrack sections across the cliff tops in the first 25km of the event. Our strong recommendation is that you stow your poles when you are running along the cliff sections of the course; both for your safety and that of your fellow runners.


We aren’t banning the use of headphones, however we strongly discourage you from using them during the event to ensure you remain aware of your surroundings. If you choose to use headphones, please ensure that:

  • You do not wear them for the race start.

  • You do not wear them when entering, during your time at, or on leaving an aid station or checkpoint.

  • You do not wear them when running along the Daves Creek or Ships Stern cliff top sections of the course.

  • You do not wear them when running adjacent to the road in the Numinbah Valley.

  • You remove them and keep them removed from the Purlingbrook Falls swing bridge (at the base of the falls) through to the finish line.