WECH50 2019 - Refund Opt-In

First up - thanks for your patience while we’ve worked through our various post-event-cancellation items.

As we detailed previously in THIS POST, we will be offering partial refunds to entrants to this year’s cancelled WECH50 event. We have calculated a total refund pool, and the refund amount that will be offered is $48 per person.

Refunds are OPT-IN only.

This means that the onus is on you to apply for your refund. If you do not (or choose not to) apply for your share, then your money will simply remain in the refund pool; all money remaining in the pool will then be donated to charity to support bushfire recovery efforts.

After consulting with various stakeholders involved in the recovery and restoration of the Binna Burra area, we will be making the refund pool donation to Wildcare Australia - a non-profit charity who are working to restore habitats and care for the large volume of wildlife affected by the loss of significant parcels of old-growth forest. If you would like to donate elsewhere, we suggest you apply for your share of the refund pool and then make your donation personally.

Refund Opt-In Details:

  • The deadline for submission is 5pm AEST, Tuesday October 15. Any money remaining in the refund pool after this time will be allocated for donation.

  • You must submit your request using THIS FORM. You must provide all requested information, and ensure its accuracy - we are not liable for unprocessed or incorrectly allocated refunds due to incorrect information.

  • To be eligible for a partial refund, you must have been entered in the 2019 WECH50 event and on the start list (i.e. if you were a withdrawal/DNS you are not eligible for a refund). You can check this information HERE.

Direct any questions to hello@coastaleh.com.au.

2020 Priority Entry Period

Last bit of information (and this should excite you): any current entrants of the cancelled 2019 #WECH50 event will receive access to a priority entry period for the 2020 event - meaning a chance to secure your entry before they go on sale to the general public.

  • This access will be non-transferrable - only entrants in this year’s event will be allowed to enter during the priority entry period.

  • Only current entrants will be eligible - this is the same eligibility as for refunds: you must have been entered in the 2019 WECH50 event and on the start list (i.e. if you were a withdrawal/DNS you will not be eligible for priority entry). You can check this information HERE.

  • Details will be provided in due time for this - please don’t contact us asking for any additional information at this stage!

Also note that the full extent of trail damage in the Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park, and the recovery process for Binna Burra Lodge, is still unknown at this stage. While it is certainly our intention to host #WECH50 again in 2020, we make no guarantees on this if circumstances surrounding the recovery make this unfeasible. In that case priority entries WILL NOT be carried forward for another year - they will be offered for the 2020 event only.