Get the app: MAPS.ME


  1. Install the app.

  2. Download the WECH50 track route to your phone from THIS LINK.

  3. Find the downloaded file on your phone and then choose to open it in the MAPS.ME app.

The WECH50 course will be saved as a bookmark in the app, and will be visible on the map as an ORANGE LINE. There are also several other markers visible on the map:

  • RED: Start and finish;

  • PINK: 4km water point;

  • GREEN: Distance markers (5km intervals);

  • BLUE: Aid stations;

  • YELLOW: Course marshals.

To view information about any of the course markers click on them and information will show up on the bottom of the screen.

To view your location on the map click on the left-most symbol in the bottom navigation bar - the map will zoom in on your location, shown by a blue arrow. As you move your location moves with you - which is useful for navigation if you are on the course and unsure of the direction you should be going. 

To get your location coordinates at any time, first click on your location arrow and then swipe up on the "My Position" text. You will then be able to view latitude and longitude coordinates - this will be useful if you are lost or injured and need to provide your location to event personnel.

The app doesn't require cellular data other than to initially download the base map ("Brisbane" is the map you will need - you will be asked to download this when you first open the app).

For event day, we suggest you use the following settings on your phone:

  • Turn OFF mobile/cellular data - you will still be able to make/receive calls if necessary, but 3G/4G services are disabled.

  • Turn OFF location services EXCEPT when using the MAPS.ME app. To use MAPS.ME, turn on location services, find your location on the map and use the app. When finished, exit the app and again turn off location services.

You need location services (GPS) turned on to use the app, but leaving it on at other times will potentially prematurely flatten your battery. Remember, your phone is to be used for making emergency phone calls and accessing the mapping app - please conserve battery life to ensure your phone is functioning if you require it.

Please make sure you are familiar with the app before event day. If you have any questions as to how to setup your phone for event day please contact us well in advance of race week.

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