Compulsory Gear


  • Headlamp

  • Waterproof and breathable jacket (seam-sealed).

  • Long-sleeve thermal top (polypro, wool or similar - cotton, lycra, "compression" garments are not OK)

  • First aid kit:

    • Emergency space blanket

    • Compression bandage (min. 7.5cm x 2m, unstretched)

    • 5m long, 2cm wide strapping tape

  • Whistle

  • Zip-lock bag for personal rubbish

  • Mobile phone (recommend Telstra network)

  • 2L water-carrying capacity

  • Race bib

  • Compass and Waterproof map case (contact OK, plastic/zip-lock bags are not OK - maps will be provided) -- OR --- Smartphone with Maps.Me and course map installed - instructions here. ** NOTE ** for gear check purposes, you must be able to show the Maps.Me app with the course map installed on it; or provide a screenshot of same for email checks.

Compulsory Gear Check

All runners must complete a compulsory gear check prior to race day - we will have an online record of all gear checks completed and you will not be permitted to run without having done this check. No check, no bib, no run.

Gear checks must be completed on or before Friday 16th August.

Gear checks will need to be performed with Wild Earth staff either in-store or via email for interstate or overseas runners.

IN-STORE GEAR CHECKS: Bookings are not required. Head in to Wild Earth with all your gear and they will perform your check on the spot.

EMAIL GEAR CHECKS: Need to be arranged by contacting Wild Earth.

Wild Earth will need to see each of your compulsory items, either in-person or via photographic proof if checking by email. Note in particular that you’ll need to prove in your photo that your jacket is seam-sealed (not sure what a seam-sealed jacket is? Read this - the photo showing the taped seams is similar to what you should send to Wild Earth), and you’ll need to provide a screenshot showing this year’s smartphone map loaded on your device.